Ashley Shaw

Ash had an interesting and creative childhood, and as time went on and he progressed into adolescence, his father (as parents do) suggested that perhaps he try his hand at a more ‘professional’ line of work. During his final years at school, there were huge strikes by the union and subsequently he left with no qualifications, but a huge desire to prove himself.
So he set about joining an apprenticeship scheme where he obtained a distinction in joinery. And shortly after that, he joined the renowned Rudi Musu as an ongoing apprentice and assistant. Rudi had an incred-ible, free flowing way of creating his work with no pre-planning, and this has rubbed off on Ash, who may plan a project with just a few sketches, but ultimately, the entire process is thought of for weeks and weeks and when he finally sits in front of the canvas, his vision and imagination comes to life.
Ash was born in Auckland, NZ and even though he was a native, he found himself facing a brick wall when it came to exhibiting his work which was quite often due to his British accent, but once he got his break in a well known gallery, he was in high demand, hosting sell out shows and running limited editions of his incredible originals. Unfortunately, with the devastating earthquake which hit Christchurch of 22nd Feb 2011, both Ash and his wife Louisa felt it was time to return to London.
Ash’s work holds such depth and warmth that you can find yourself staring at it for hours, continually find-ing something new on the canvas. His unorthodox way of creating is directly reflected in the fluidity of the scenes he creates. Quite often with his work, the scenes seem to change colour in different light through-out the day, mainly due to his technique in layering and partially due to the paints he uses too.
Ash is very fastidious with his work, and many of his originals take 2-3months to complete, he produces a maximum of 6 pieces per year meaning there is often a wait list on his originals and commissions. Clearly this maintains his exclusivity and true depth of quality in his work.

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