Flanders Field by Steven Boss

Open Edition

Size: 12.5×3.5×2.2 inch (32x9x5 cm)

Weigth:420 Gram

Flanders Fields is the  name commonly for the World War I battlefields in Belgium and France. The name originates from a poem, ‘In Flanders Fields’, by Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrae, a Canadian physician who was in service during the Second Battle of Ypres. There is a memorial plaque quoting the poem on the cenotaph in London, where HM Queen Elizabeth  lays the first wreath on Remembrance Day.

Today Flanders Fields is home to thousands of poppies, referred to in the opening lines of the poem:

In Flanders fields the poppies grow

Between the crosses, row on row,

Steve Boss’ evocative tribute is both beautiful and touching.


Steve Boss is a self-taught sculptor with 25 years experience in the Fine Art and Giftware trades.

He was born in Leicester in 1970 and grew up in South Leicestershire, where he studied Art and Design at Lutterworth Grammar School.

Steve began his career as an apprentice jeweller in the late 1980s and after serving his apprenticeship he spent several years working primarily with pewter, creating intricate miniature designs, at the same time starting to explore different materials and techniques.

The focus of Steve’s work then turned to sculptures inspired by the natural world and he spent 17 years as an in-house sculptor with Country Artists before branching out as a freelance sculptor and model-maker.

More recently, drawing from his childhood spent in the countryside, Steve has been inspired to create his stunning wildlife sculptures in bronze.