Floods at Chiswick


Floods at Chiswick by Abigail Burton

Oil on board

size: 18 x 24 cm



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Abigail Burton is an oil painter from the South of England.

Born in 1997 in London, she grew up surrounded by her grandmother’s artwork and drew obsessively throughout her childhood and adolescence. Abigail spent much of her childhood living in a houseboat on the Thames, before moving to East Sussex as a teenager. Long coastal walks and time spent on the river gave Abigail a strong appreciation of natural beauty.

Abigail’s second passion growing up was mathematics. She studied maths at The University of Oxford and completed a master’s degree there in 2019, before beginning a PhD at Imperial College London. However, over time her love of art overcame her love of maths, and she left maths in 2021 to pursue an art career.

Abigail is now studying classical realist art at the Barnes Atelier and works on looser plein air paintings outside of her studies.