Prunus Serrulata – SOLD


Prunus Serrulata by Robert Pereira Hind

Gold Leaf Schlag Metal, Gold Size, Acrylic Paint, Photographic Ink Pigment, Shellac Glazes, Wooden Board

size: 80 x 80 cm

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The ‘Out of Eden’ series evokes the gold leaf technique reminiscent of Gustave Klimt (Woman in Gold), and the 18th Century botanic flower renditions not painted but via a photographic technique cross pollinating art interpretations.

Robert Pereira Hind currently lives in Edinburgh, and is always on the lookout for trees and wild flowers that are both visually striking and isolated. ‘I’ll wait for a day with light cloud and head out with my camera.  On returning to my studio I remove all trace of context and montage several images together in the one artwork to create an individual & unique piece.