St. Nicholas Church, Chiswick


St. Nicholas Church, Chiswick by David Walser

size: 26 x 34 cm

Double mounted

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I have a number of interests: I play the ‘cello, I teach reading to children at my local Primary school and write poems with them, I compose music for the piano, I paint in watercolours, I am learning to throw and decorate pottery, I have written several short ghost stories, I translate from German and French and I have written a book about a horseman and his equally amazing wife, which is due to be published in the autumn of 2009. As you might guess, anyone who divides his life amongst so many pursuits is unlikely to achieve fame or fortune in any particular field and this is so far the case!

Since many of the things that I have done have not been published or made public, my idea in starting this website is to make them available to anyone that might be interested.

When I tell friends stories about my grandparents and parents they often say, why don’t you write these down. So I shall also do just that. I will include letters written by my father from the trenches in the 1stWorld War and from India in the 1920’s.