Sun rising Hammersmith Bridge


Sun rising Hammersmith Bridge by Lynda Minter

Oil on board

size: 80 x 80 cm



Lynda Minter trained at St Martins School of Art in 1983.
I enjoy sharing my enthusiasm for landscapes and cityscapes in paint. I am at my happiest when painting either in the studio or pleinair.
My subject matter varies as I find everywhere, I look interesting and view the world in paint.
My paintings started by the river, therefore most of my subject matter has water. Rivers, lakes, sea has its own moving magic and changes constantly with light. When painting I am not out to do a complete replica of what I see, I paint elements that I find interesting or move me emotionally. The subject in front of me is a stepping stone.
Often I start with either doing a small oil study or watercolour. Planning a painting is important I draw out the shapes in charcoal first, they soon get painted over.
I never know how the painting is going to turn out and I think that is part of the excitement I get when I paint.
Some paintings are completed in a short space of time, others take ages but the results I am looking for is a freshness and spontaneity, texture and colour. I want my paintings to evolve each time you look at them.
I am influenced by many painters almost too many to mention, but some painters whom I often refer to are; David Bomberg, Ivon Hitchens, Tom Thomson particularly for their colour, and loose brush strokes.