Annabel Eyres

Annabel has been producing rowing art for over 30 years. Following her increased personal interest in yoga she recently started creating series of yoga art alongside rowing art. Riverside Gallery is the biggest London stockist of former Olympic rower Annabel Eyres original art and limited edition prints.

Paper Cuts

Annabel’s major interest is in the human figure, combining sporting interests and aesthetic appreciation of the beauty of sport. The new paper cuts explore this theme further, creating one off original pieces from paper, mixed media and collage which have a sculptural quality combined with a clean simplicity.


All of Annabel’s prints have appeared on a T-shirt. In 1997, she held an innovative exhibition called T-shART featuring screen prints of many of Rock The Boat T-shirt designs. Some images date back to that time with many of the more recent concepts being sold as either screen prints or Giclee prints. All Annabel’s prints are limited editions and signed.

Customised Art

Almost all of Annabel’s work can be adapted to incorporate colours of your choice or even other images that personalise the work to you. For example Rowmance can be adapted to include the Bridge, one-piece or oar of your choice. Similarly the striking Art Deco inspired Eight can be adapted to include club colours. Some popular examples are featured here but do not be afraid to ask if you have your own request, however unusual!

Mixed Media and Collage

Annabel Eyres studied at the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art at Oxford University. She says:

My original leaning was towards very detailed and traditional painting and drawing. My graphic art was born out of a need to make a living to finance my international rowing career in the pre-lottery funded rowing days. The current, more experimental and contemporary style of work reflects a marriage between my original areas of expertise and the simplicity of the recent graphic design direction.

Annabel is using inks, watercolour, acrylic, pencil with paper and collage to create these striking images.


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