Toby Messer

Toby Messer is an artist living in Barnes, South West London. He draws on many influences when painting, including the unspoilt landscape and dark and untouched areas – real and imaginary.

And on Toby’s journey, landscape hasn’t always meant pure greenery, he has also been stimulated by more urban scenes too.

Pylons, cables and industrially scenic wasteland, painted in more vibrant colours than reality suggests. And in a tilt towards natural inquisitiveness and playfulness, Toby’s work, largely in acrylics, has also led to painting gumball machines. Many of which would not be out of place on the streets of New York. Another major love.

Toby Messer says:

There are so many directions to explore and even now I am creating many experimental pieces, blending collage, paint and wire mesh for new and challenging work.

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