Aromatic • 89 •

Aromatic •89• is a manufacturer of luxurious and high quality home scents. They started their activities in 2016 and made a huge breakthrough in the home scents market. Today, the products they produce are fast moving up into a leadership position. 



• Created by using an organic oil base and contains no spirit or alcohol.
• Luxurious black, matte package – minimalist design.
• Exclusive and perfumed scents only.
• Intense and long-lasting scent up to 90 days. 
• For rooms up to 55m2.
• EAN codes and scent notes are provided on the packaging. 
• Polyester 6 black and white sticks 25cm long. 
• Capacity 50ml.
• Glass bottle.
• Weight 173gr.
• Package dimensions: 25cm x 7cm x 7cm.
• Made in Lithuania. 
Currently Aromatic •89• collection consists of 34 fragrances, which are divided into ELITE and CLASSIC collections.

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