Bella Donna – SOLD


Bella Donna by Jos Haigh

size: 60 x 110 cm


Wild and untameable, this red kite still loves to pose for the camera. She will be the Belle of the ball in your home. Notice the twirls and swirls on her wings.

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Inspired by my childhood colours of Africa, I swapped a career in science for the love of art. If you are familiar with my watercolour paintings, whether prints or originals, you will recognise the explosion of life in these dazzling artworks, painted to accentuate the spirit of each animal.

One of my earliest art memories, aged six, was seeing an enormous painting above the mantelpiece at a friend’s house; a thundering elephant seemed to leap out at me and I still vividly recall the fascination and alarm that I felt. Yet, it was only recently I realised that this painting was done by the iconic artist – the late David Shepherd. Passionate about our planet’s wonderful wildlife, I am an avid supporter of wildlife conservation and am privileged to be a Partner Artist for the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation.

I live in Buckinghamshire, and also have a home in Yorkshire, and sell my work widely through art galleries and exhibitions.