Hammersmith Bridge


Hammersmith Bridge by Małgorzata Tomczuk

Drawing size: 30×42 cm


I am an artist and architect. As an architect I focus on creating spaces that make people feel good. As an artist, I draw and paint spaces and moments that reflect this feeling of peace and comfort – often a combination of nature and architecture.
In my work, I focus on the beauty of the world around us. I draw and paint places that inspire feelings of joy. These include various spots around the world, cities like London, or destinations, like Cornwall. I try to capture a certain moment, a happy memory connected to the place and make it last. I hope that every time a person looks at one of my pieces, they feel the good, happy vibes over and over again – no matter what’s happening in their lives at the moment.
The pieces I offer here are limited edition giclee prints of highest, archival quality, printed on Hahnemuehle paper. I hope they will bring joy and happiness to your home.