Standing Yoga Poses


Standing Yoga Poses by Annabel Eyres

Paper Cut and mixed media


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I studied at The Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art and Pembroke College, Oxford University where I also learnt to row. I competed in the Women’s Boat Race against Cambridge and then rowed for Great Britain. I went on to compete in the Double Scull at the Barcelona Olympics in 1992.
My rowing images were first designed as souvenir T-shirts for a variety of major rowing events. They were sold to finance my international rowing career through a company I formed with friends called Rock the Boat which is still going strong today.
In addition to raising a family over the last few years and coaching rowing, I have also returned to painting and illustration work. My latest work combines my interest in rivers, sport and rowing in the form of prints, paper cuts of my T-shirt designs and River Maps.
My husband and I have recently set up a business to encourage youngsters into rowing – Oxford Junior Rowing Course offers courses on the Isis and hopes to expand to other regions in the UK.