Dan Walmsley

Dan Walmsley specialises in landscapes and seascapes, scenes from East Anglia to Venice.

Dan Walmsley has been involved with art since childhood. His father painted watercolours and his mother produced fine embroidery. However painting was not the main interest in his life but played second fiddle to flying aeroplanes, firstly in the RAF where he flew fighters, including the Jaguar and Tornado, and more recently medium range passenger planes for Air UK and KLM. He did however always find time to paint and has continued to do so all his life.

Although largely self taught he has developed his art to a high degree and now devotes himself to painting. He produces landscapes in all mediums, attempting to bring to them a realistic sense of the natural elements which have surrounded him all his  working life. He has held several solo and joint exhibitions.

Dan says:

I have painted all my life as an amateur with semi professional periods during my full time career as a pilot in the RAF. During these periods I worked on commissioned pieces, both for the RAF and private customers. I have been a full time artist for the last 20 years. My preferred medium is acrylic on canvas, but I also work with watercolours, pastels and oil.

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