Penny German

Penny German is an artist from Northamptonshire. For many years she specialized in botanical illustration in watercolour, working on projects for the RHS and Oxford University Press. Ten years ago she discovered a love of oil painting and has since been working on capturing the effects of light in still lifes and portraits.

Her husband’s job has meant the family wandering around the world and given her plenty of scope and inspiration. Along the way she has met and worked with some great artists and exhibited in some great spaces. Sadly, always having to move on but always coming to rest back in Northamptonshire.

Having spent ten years honing her skills by way of ‘daily painting’, she now looks to develop a style depicting serenity and light.  Her subject matter is more often than not from the natural world so that her work is of a cyclical nature. Often chasing Mother Nature’s bounties through the year, Penny’s starting point is always a passage of light.

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