Rouhi Peck

Rouhi Peck is an artist who loves painting in oil, pastels and printmaking. Rouhi is a Plein Air painter and she braves all types of weather. She takes inspiration from all around but particularly she loves studying skies, whether stormy and threatening or sunny and optimistic. In her work, Rouhi tries to capture a moment in time at its liveliest and most vibrant. Although predominantly traditional in style, you’ll find a contemporary touch to Rouhi’s work, whether it is in the colour used or the brushstrokes made.
Rouhi Peck has a Diploma in Art and Design from Wimbledon School of Art. She has also been studying art at Putney School Of Art and trained under NEAC artist Jason Bowyer.


  • Winner of the Putney School of Art & Design Oil and Acrylic Painting Prize, 2010
  • Winner of the Rootstein Hopkins Observation Drawing Prize, 2011
  • Exhibited at Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2014, London
  • Winner of the New Forest & Hampshire County Show in 2017 for her etching of “Goshawk”

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