Vivid Richmond


Vivid Richmond by Nadia Day

Acrylic on Canvas

size: 100 x 100cm



I have drawn and painted from a young age, but undertook formal training at The Art Academy in London between 2010 and 2012. My tutors inspired in me a love of painting directly from life, whether that be from a still-life set-up, a model or the landscape. I love the challenges that painting outside presents through all seasons and weather conditions. 

I love to explore and journey, and over the last few years I have undertaken several longer painting journeys, including – ‘The River Thames from Source to Estuary’, ‘The Jurassic Coastline from Exmouth to Studland Bay’, and ‘The Pilgrims Way from London to Canterbury’. These trips provided me with a way of combining my passion for painting with a love of observational writing.